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As a business owner, do you find yourself struggling to keep track of all your business reports? Are you tired of the hassle of opening multiple reports and tabs just so you can keep track of your business operations and fully gauge the results of your company’s performance?  

Running a business is really time-consuming, and our team at InStreamOne understands that business owners don’t have a lot of time to be sifting through separate reports scattered throughout different portals. So we’ve created a system that will consolidate all of your reporting sources into one dashboard that’s customized for the needs of your business.
By integrating all of your reports into one streamlined dashboard, you will be able to see both a high-level snapshot of your company’s performance, as well as specific data points that will allow you to run comprehensive analysis on your business. With access to new insights about your business results, you can drive revenue and growth, while minimizing data loss and inefficiencies.

Report Consolidation

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 "Gone are the days of having to login to various platforms to get one set of data. InStreamOne is able to extract data across all of your sources to provide you with one platform for all of your decision-making information."

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